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Ever wanted to cover the latest news on ComicBook Movies, Series, Comics, Gaming and more? Don’t worry we got you.


Here at TheFando.com we are always looking to expand our writing team and recruit a number of new writers. We are a new content driven community who are dedicated to cover DC, Marvel, Gaming, Star Wars and dope content from the Geek verse.

We are looking for for dedicated writers with a passion for writing, and keeping people up to date on the latest news. The Following are requirements and positions for which we are looking for;

  • News Writers – To update the site atleast daily on fresh new content from the Movie, Tv & Gaming verse.
  • Reviewers – Covering reviews on ComicBook related films,Series and also Comics.
  • Standard Contributors – Covering editorials, lists, theories and report on what is happening in the entertainment world.
  • Social Media Contributors – Memes, Videos and updating the social media pages with news from the site and more.

Right now we are accepting new staff on a volunteer basis. With time i’ll be able to pay everyone, but since we are new we have to start somewhere. Get to share your content to thousands of fans who visit the site daily across the globe.

To add to that the Writers must be able to have the following Requirements/Characteristics;

  • Dedicated – Most people come in thinking its easy but its not. Dedication is the key to a successful website or anything you set your mind to. We have to get the best content out there for our supportive fans.
  • Passion – A passion for Comic Book movies and writing.
  • Experienced – You must be experienced on the field you are choosing to focus on either Movie News, Tv News or good at Editorials. Also must be able to have knowledge on how to write and post on a WordPress based site or a blogger.
  • Language – I know at times we all have some grammar issues, at-least here try to work on that and make the user understand what you talking about.
  • Time – Must be able to contribute on daily basis to the site.

If you think any of this interest you or got a field you can work on and also want to be part of TheFando Team Feel free to Contact us via Mail at (geekstreamhq@gmail.com) or click HERE.

Thank You.