Today Warner Bros revealed concept art and official images of Starfire’s new costume for ‘Titans’ season 3 coming to HBO max.  Check them out below!

The photos feature Anna Diop as Starfire in her sleek new costume appearing in season 3! Laura Jean Shannon designed the costume which will be the first-ever live-action suit created for the DC Comics character.

Greg Walker the executive producer for ‘Titan’s’ recently spoke with TVLine’s Inside Line scoop column and shared some of their “big plans for Starfire” in the next season.

 “The arrival of her sister/nemesis Blackfire (new series regular Damaris Lewis) launches Kory down a path where she uncovers both secrets about her past and clues to her destiny… all of which will lead to her true calling as Starfire.“Plus,” Walker teased, “we have a few other surprises in store for hardcore Starfire fans this season.” 

‘Titans’ season 3 is currently in production and will debut exclusively on HBO Max!

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