Zack Snyder recently did a short interview with the Youtuber Grace Randolph, and it’s starting to stir up some controversy online. (big surprise!)

In the interview, Zack made a statement which has led to many misleading articles floating around the internet.  Many of the headlines claim that ‘Zack Snyder’s new cut will only contain about four minutes of new content.’ I will explain why these headlines are misleading and simply untrue. Let’s break it down.

in the interview, Grace Randolph asks Snyder the following,

“What do you say to people? There are some people who’re like, “you’re shooting additional scenes.  you’re cheating Zack, you’re just making a whole new movie!” what do you say to that?”

To which Zack replies,

“I think it’s valid, In the end, it’s gonna probably be about four minutes or five minutes of additional photography,” he continues, “In the four hours that is Justice League, it is four minutes.”

So that’s it, there are only four extra minutes “Outside of what was shot in principle photography.” As Snyder puts it.

It’s known that Snyder finished principle photography before he left the project. Snyder is simply saying he didn’t need to film a whole new movie; in 2017 he was able to complete shooting for his original storyboard.

“Snyder is known for shooting everything that he storyboards and finished 100% of principal photography on Justice League back in 2017.” – Screenrant

Earlier this year during a “Snyder Cut” panel at Dc Fandome, Snyder revealed his cut of ‘justice league,’ will be released not as a single viewing experience but in four individual installments. He also explained that his film will have a running length of around four hours.

“It’s going to be in four parts, one-hour each,” Snyder revealed. “So four hours of Justice League is coming your way. We’re going to work on a way of bundling it together at the end, so you can watch it as a single film if that’s the way you want to experience it.” – DenOfGeek

This is important because the general public hasn’t seen a four-hour version of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ yet. The only scenes we have seen from Snyders version are a handful of trailers and the theatrical version which repurposed Snyders scenes. Snyder even said he won’t be using any of Whedon’s work.

When asked if he would be using any of Whedon’s footage his reply was to the point. Snyder said during Justice Con.

“I would set the movie on fire. I’d destroy it before I used a single frame that I did not photograph,” – IGN

The theatrical release of the ‘Justice League’ has a runtime of approximately 120 mins or 2 hours, and a lot of those scenes will not be used again. Even if you include the handful of trailers released so far, it doesn’t add up to four hours of footage. Zack Snyder isn’t filming a whole new movie, he’s simply adding four minutes onto the four-hour movie he filmed back in 2017.

If you’re still unsure because of the extra four hours of footage, Snyder asks you to look at his previous bodies of work (grace Randolph interview 16:20). If you look at how Snyder makes his movies, his director’s cuts are usually much longer than the theatrical versions. This is because he shoots a lot, and then most of the time the studio cuts down the footage into a smaller version. This explains how he has so much footage for the four hour ‘Snydercut’, coming to HBO Max.




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