Marvel is regaining the rights to everyone’s favorite blind lawyer.

According to fans are in the home stretch. The show “Daredevil” premiered on Netflix in April of 2015. The show was on air for 3 seasons and quickly gained a huge fan base. The show was gritty, violent, and had some of the coolest action scenes for a comic book show. However, the fun did not last long. The show was canceled after its third season. 

Now that Netflix has canceled the series and is not showing any interest in reviving it, the full rights to the character are headed back to Marvel.  Apparently, the “complicated rights clause explained how none of Netflix’s Marvel properties could be used until two years after their cancelation.” Meaning that quite a few of Netflix’s properties could be going back to Disney.


Fans are going to have to wait and see what Marvel does with their new property. Many are speculating that they will not continue with the same cast and story from the Netflix show. Marvel will re-cast and most likely tie the character and the MCU.

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