Jared Leto is reprising his role as the Dark Knights greatest nemesis.

There was a ton of controversy surrounding Leto’s take on the infamous villain. Many were critical of his performance. However, according to TheHollywoodReporter Leto’s version of the character was never seen “through completion”.

HBO Max is the company keeping an eye on all these re-shoots. Leto is accompanied by Ben Affleck, Ray Fischer, and Amber Heard. Many are speculating that the full cast is actually involved but this has been denied by several of the actors including Henry Cavill. 

Leto’s appearance in the re-shoots has many fans jumping with excitement. This is especially true because Leto was not included in the theatrical cut of the film. Many are wondering (including us here at TheFando) just how much new footage there is. Could these new re-shoots somehow tie into Suicide Squad? 

HBO Max has not revealed an exact release date for the project. However, we do know that it will be released in four, one-hour installments sometime in 2021.


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