Will ‘Spiderman 3’ set up the Spider-Verse?



This week rumors spread across the internet about ‘Spider-man 3’. According to the reports, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will join ‘Spider-man 3’, setting up the Spider-verse.

Sony responded to the rumors in a statement to ET Canada. Here’s what they said,

“Those rumored castings are not confirmed.” said a representative for Sony.

While Sony’s reply is vague, they didn’t outright deny the rumors. So there’s still a chance it could happen. Sony likely wouldn’t confirm the rumors either, or else it could spoil the surprise. Either way, we’ll likely have to wait until we are close to the release of ‘Spider-man 3’ before we hear anything concrete.

It was previously reported that Jamie Foxx would be joining the cast of ‘Spider-Man 3’ reprising his role as Electro. Then it was reported Benedict Cumberbatch will be Peter Parker’s mentor in the upcoming sequel. this sparked the rumors, which were flamed when Andy Signore claimed it was true

‘Spider-Man 3’ begins filming this month in Queens, N.Y. It’s currently slated to release December 17, 2021.

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