Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot will return for  ‘Wonder woman 1984’, which debuts in theaters October 2nd, 2020.

In the most recent trailer, we see a scene of the Amazons in what appears to be an Olympic style game. Speaking with Empire Patty Jenkins explains why this scene is so important.

“What I love about the Amazon Olympics is everything that we got to really celebrate in the first movie. Here are these people who are incredibly powerful and capable, but different in how they approach things. If you’ve been training for hundreds of years because of an impending invasion, you’re going to be constantly working on all these skill sets. So, to me, every year, they would have these Olympics to see who’s doing the best on horses or swimming the fastest, and seeing new tricks people have figured out.”

It’s unclear whether  Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman will return to Themyscira in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, or if we only see the island in flashback scenes.  Patty Jenkins says they are discussing plans for an amazonian animated series so this upcoming sequel won’t be the last time we return to the island. When it comes to talks of a third ‘Wonder Woman’ movie Patty Jenkins had this to say.

“You’re enjoying the movie you’re making and also reflecting on what could be different or better in the [real] world. And therefore what story you want to tell,” she says. “That’s the greatest thing to me about superhero stories. You’re able to have a dialogue about what a hero would be right now. So yes, I have ideas for what I’d like to say, and Gal does too.”

Are you excited to see Gal Gadot return in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’?

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