Marvel Studios has premiered two new photos from “Ant-Man and The Wasp” as part of a feature article that also reveals new details about the sequel’s story.

Speaking with EW, Lilly says the action ties to the events in the finale of the first film:

“Scott entered the Quantum Realm in the first film and came back, which is something they thought was impossible. The question has arisen ‘Can Janet come back?’ So the entire film, my character is hell-bent on finding a way to get into the Quantum Realm and bring her back.”

Along the way they’ll encounter some obstacles, including new villain Ghost who looks quite different from their comic counterpart. Hannah John-Kamen (“Ready Player One”) takes on the role and the film’s director Peyton Reed discussed his plans for her:

“The Ghost character could be male, female, anything, so it just seemed more interesting to us [to cast a woman]. Ghosts primary power is the ability to ‘phase,’ which allows Ghost to move through solid matter. She has all sorts of strange versions of that phasing power — it proves quite difficult for Ant-Man and Wasp to deal with.”

“Ant-Man and The Wasp” is slated to open in cinemas on July 6th.

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