During Sony’s Panel at Brazil Comic-con,Sony Pictures offered some updates on the live-action “Venom” movie.

Director Ruben Fleischer (and briefly Tom Hardy) appeared live via satellite to fans to shed some light on what to expect. The biggest reveal is that the movie is primarily based on two comic book runs: ‘Lethal Protector’ and ‘Planet of the Symbiotes’.

The former comics storyline sees Venom and Peter Parker agreeing to leave each other alone as long as Venom doesn’t commit any more crimes, so Venom packs up and leaves NYC for San Francisco. There he tackles five new offspring of the Venom Symbiote: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

‘Planet’ on the other hand saw Earth invaded by an army of symbiotes with Venom teaming up with Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider to stop them. It has long been confirmed Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is not an official part of the “Venom” universe.

Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott, and Scott Haze co-star in the film which opens October 5th next year.

Source: Collider

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