Finally after almost ten years of waiting (it will be ten years when the movie finally comes to theaters) we get to see the Avengers, old and new take on Thanos the big bad looming over all past villains. As if Marvel had heard all of the fans say “wait till infinity war” after Justice League. Marvel Studios released the trailer just days after DC comics version of the Avengers hit theaters. Which was a good move.

Its been 18 movies, that’s right 18 movies from 2008’s Iron Man to 2018’s Infinity WarThere is said to be over 30 characters hitting the big screen more than ever done before. If you thought Avengers was ground breaking, just wait.

So why don’t I stop talking gibberish and see what this trailer everyone’s talking about is showing us?

The first thing we see is perhaps the most up in the air shot of the entire trailer. We have no idea where this is. It could be Xandar (the home of the nova corp and Power Stone), it could even be the home of Thanos and his Black Order or a planet we’ve never seen. Perhaps the Kree homeworld (ties to Captain Marvel?). All we can do is guess. (it could be earth even)

The most WTF moment of the trailer comes right after the most unknown shot. Ever since Age of Ultron we’ve known that Tony has a lot to fear, Scarlett Witch showed him a future we all know could come to fruition with Thanos now the big bad. Which honestly just sucks we all hate seeing Tony, the playboy, leader and downright good guy lose anything.

And it looks to be on the planet from the first picture, color of cloudy destruction behind him.

Just a heads up, none of this trailer puts out a feeling of good vibes. Almost a mirror copy of Bruce after he fell from the Helicarrier in Avengers, we see him here dumbfounded. Either that he lost control or lost a fight…either one not good.

Immediately after, we see these two, Dr. Strange and Wong standing over Banner wondering what the hell he was doing. So this either suggests that they fought him or the Hulk just happened to fall in the Sanctum Santorum. You never know. What do you think? Could Strange and Wong take down Hulk?

If you didn’t know this already, in the comics Vision and Scarlett Witch have children together. Don’t ask me how or why, but it happens…really long story. Since Civil War we know that Vision has a weakness for Wanda and Rhodey paid for that weakness.

While its awesome to see not only this relationship come to fruition but to see Paul Bettany actually in the flesh has been a long time coming. His voice as Jarvis was always a highlight of Iron Man’s character for me personally. Do you think MCU will see Maximoff children?

Although we don’t really get the answer to where Thor is here until the very last shot of the trailer, I can tell you that he is in the Milano. The Guardian’s ship Peter Quill modified himself from his time in the Ravagers. Out of everything this is what gets me the most excited for this movie. Its something we haven’t seen, the Guardians with an Avenger. Anything could happen. Whats gets me even more though is the fact that Thor looks rather somber here or thoughtful. I am sure (and hoping) that the Son of Odin we see next will be very different from the Thor we knew. Ragnarok wasn’t easy on him. Are you glad the Avengers and Guardians will finally be meeting?

Finally a picture of Bruce. Well a picture of not scared out of his mind Bruce, standing next to Veronica’s hand. You know that big Hulkbuster Iron Man armor used in Age of Ultron to stop the angered Hulk. And by the looks of it he is finally getting to see Black Widow again after being in space for two years. Also point out that he seems to be somewhere in Wakanda, Black Panther’s home.

Yep, the next shot is Natasha and she seems to be in Wakanda as well. Will there love be rekindled? I kinda like them together honestly.

While I’ve shown you what we see in the trailer what we hear is Avengers speaking to us about why they made the team in the first place. Its very ominous and hints of a dangerous plot ahead with Thanos on his way.

This picture shows us the aftermath of the earlier confused Bruce in the Sanctum with Iron Man now there as well. Surely Strange has sensed something and Iron Man just happened to be following Bruce. How do you think these four meet?

Still these four are together. Science Bros and Magic Bros bromance? In what looks to be an again devastated New York, they can’t believe there eyes. Just before we see Peter Parker on the bus witnessing a sort of doomsday device hovering over the city which could be the cause of the destruction we see. 

A continuation of the after scene in Thor Ragnarok, we see Loki handing out the Tesseract to who I assume is Thanos as to not be killed or thrown away like Thor is (which is how he ends up meeting Star Lord and co.). Always with a plan huh Loki?

Here it is our first look at Thanos. And oh boy does he look awesome. Not to big as to be Hulk, not to small as to be Thor but he has that ominous hateful look and when he has that Guantlet man does he look evil. Well he better.

OMFG!!! The Stark Spider-Man suit looks so badass, so glad that Peter wears this here. All joking aside though I wouldn’t doubt he needs it against Thanos, everyone will need any leg up to fight him. But boy does he look rad or what? Can’t wait to see him quip with Star Lord and Strange (you know from that leaked comic con footage?).

Thor being Thor saving the galaxy one bicep curl at a time. Doesn’t this remind you of Steve’s helicopter curl in Winter Soldier?

What do you guys this is going on here? Maybe he’s trying to stop Thanos from getting to earth?

Finally we get a quick look at bearded Captain America…or is he The Nomad? Chris Evans looks great with the beard though its weird seeing him with one in this setting he usually just has one IRL. But non the less he looks as bad ass as ever. I wonder how he’s been since Civil War, probably has a lot of demons.

Well hey there Hulkbuster long time no see. Who will Stark use this suit on this time? Hulk? Thanos? Black Order?

Skipping a bit of character shots, we come to this scene. Now at first watch I thought this might be Thanos but then again I really think that it’s one of the Black Order doing this. You know that group of four or five evil bastards that do Thanos’ dirty work for him? Those evil bastards who have powers that could overpower Avengers easily? Yeah them.

Will this be the end of Vision? I mean the mind stone was the thing that gave him life in the first place, no doubt without it he’ll just be some empty shell.

A bit blurry (sorry) but I can and you should too, clearly see that this is one of the black guard. She throws a spear towards Steve who promptly catches it with ease so its safe assume that the picture of Steve that I showed earlier is from the same scene with clues from setting.

Even with just this you can tell she looks pretty badass.

Like I’ve been saying…life isn’t going to be easy for the Avengers this go around that’s for sure.

Ohhhhhhh boy oh boy. I get giddy seeing this. Sidenote: we do see him put in the blue space stone right next to the purple one. How do you think the Gauntlet looks?

In quick succession here we see Bucky (with his metal arm back) fighting next to Black Panther, Steve and fellow Wakandans. What they are fighting is anyone’s guess but they are not human nor of earth. What do you think they are? Thano’s new army like the Chatari?

Not only one of the most action packed shots of the trailer but also one with tons of questions. As we know from Civil War Rhodey probably hates Steve, Falcon and Bucky so why are they all together? Do they put their differences aside to again fight the good fight? Hulk is obviously most certain back on earth and with Natasha. Black Panther apparently wont leave his home.

And can I just note here….Steve looks naked without his shield. Give the guy a shield! (T’Challa says that during the trailer)

Finally at the end we see Thor (eye patch and all) as he asks “Who the hell are you?” as it shows us the Guardians of The Galaxy complete with teenage Groot and mantis (who’s awkwardly waving).

Ten Questions to think about after watching the Trailer or during another rewatch.

  1. Who is the Black Guard and how do they play into everything? What will we learn about them in Infinty War?
  2. Will the Avengers, even after Civil War stand united? It seems that they put their squabbles aside for the fight
  3. Who will die? Tony’s vision may come true.
  4. How do the Guardians of The Galaxy play into it? I just really want a funny meeting between teams.
  5. What is Thanos’ actual end game? It seems to be just destroy everything.
  6. How many stones will Thanos have by the end? He already has two in the trailer with many more easy to obtain. Where’s the last one?
  7. How does Black Panther change the MCU, the only movie still not out yet? We know from Winter Soldier and Civil War that it only takes one MCU movie to change everything.
  8. How big of a role does Captain Marvel play? She is slated to be in the movie. Please say that she has an awesome fight scene.
  9. Heroes like Ant-Man, Wasp and Hawkeye are not in the trailer…will they be in the Movie?
  10. What will happen to the MCU after Infinity War?

What do you guys think of the trailer? Let me know your thoughts, theories and whatever else.

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