It’s being reported by CNBC that 21st Century Fox has been talking with Disney about selling most of their company.

According to the report talks between Fox and Disney have been taking place on and off again over the last few weeks, and while right now there is no certainty they will lead to a deal they could be revisited in the near future.

Since one company cannot own two broadcasting networks Disney would only be purchasing the entertainment branch leaving sports and news. If the deal went through Disney would acquire the rights to Star Wars: A New Hope. It would also mean all of the major Marvel Comics property that Fox owns— including X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool— could potentially come under the Marvel Studios umbrella.

with new Titans like Amazon and Netflix, the current landscape is changing the way people consume media. Fox’s inclination to take part in the discussion with Disney derives from Fox’s own trepidation towards their entertainment sector. They believe in order to compete in today’s climate it requires a scale that Disney has, but 21st Century Fox does not. Fox is said to believe that placing a larger focus on their news and sports properties could make them compete more effectively in the current marketplace.

What are your thoughts? Could this deal be a good thing for the entertainment industry? Leave your comments below.


Source: CNBC

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