These mini-series films are the real thing, better than what we are getting nowadays.

Forget the million dollar films that Hollywood throw’s money at to make. We have low-budget fan films which are way better than what the movie universe is producing nowadays. From Spawn, Darth Maul, Punisher, Power Rangers and many more, these films are to put Hollywood to shame and show them it doesn’t take millions to make a better film, but the right crew, originality, creative thinking and passion.

Here’s our list of our top best fan-films;

1.Power Rangers (Rated R, And Much Kicking A$$)

Although we got a Power Rangers reboot this year, it did not live up to it’s expectations. Adi Shankar took to youtube to release his gritty, R-rated power rangers 14 min short film. Although it was deleted because of copyright claim, they video was re-uploaded and currently holds at 21 million views on YT.

2.The Punisher: Dirty Laundry

Another fan film offering from Adi Shankar, The Punisher: Dirty Laundry got a huge credibility boost thanks to the return of Thomas Jane as Frank Castle.

3.Batman V Terminator (Apocalypse)

Mitchell Hammond created a post-apocalyptic film about batman v Terminator and it was dope.The fan film Batman vs. The Terminator depicts a world ravaged by SkyNet, just like the only two Terminator movies anyone acknowledges. SkyNet took over the world on Batman’s watch. Animator Mitchell Hammond embedded tons of personality and detail in every frame of this short, from the strand of hair in a soldier’s face to grizzled gray beard of a world-weary warrior. It’s both impressive and depressing that this is probably better than pretty much any Batman or Terminator movies we’ll get for the forseeable future.

4.Legend of Zelda Live Action Teaser 

Gamers would be familiar with this. A Live Action Legend of Zelda teaser created by Player Piano on YT. It doesn’t show much, but it offers on how a Legend of Zelda film would look like, which is hella cool. Nintendo should look into this.

5.Spawn: The Recall

A new Spawn film is currently in production which is expected to hit sometime next year. Meanwhile enjoy this fan-film by Irissee. 

They did well with the special effects more like the Hollywood type.

6.Darth Maul Fan-Film

Darth Maul was the only good thing in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – and barely received five minutes of screen time before he was sliced in half and dropped to a pit, but thanks to T7pro, we get to re-live the character in this short film.

7. Tie:Fighters -Star Wars Style?

TIE Fighter leverages its anime style to great effect in following a crack team of Imperial pilots during a heated battle with Rebel scum. Not only do we get mecha-like fades through their helmets to see their faces twist and contort as they fly, but outside the cockpit we’re treated to iconic Macross missile spirals. An anime-style take on that galaxy far, far away, it took animator Paul Johnson more than four years to put this cel-shaded beauty together.

Which one was your favorite?Sound off below.If you have more best fan-films share in the comments we include in the post.

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