With the Comic-Book movie industry rapidly gaining popularity, Marvel & Dc should consider taking advantage of their characters and start investing in them.

Marvel and Dc Comics Studios have made a major impact on the Comic-Book Movie industry and have introduced us to characters we grow up reading on comics to live-action films. From Batman to Iron-Man, Now Justice League to the Avengers, the studio’s should start focusing on other underrated characters who can bring them quit a huge amount of cash if done right.

Instead of rebooting films, they should consider certain comic book characters who can definitely lend themselves to film better than others. To tell the truth people (The Fans) are tired of reboots which most of the time end up to be disastrous, we’ve seen this from the last Fantastic Flop, i mean four and to name a few.

Sometimes it’s their costume, or their power-set being cinematically dynamic, or how necessary they are to the universe, or even to a specific storyline. Many heroes and villains out there deserve their turn in the limelight.

From Fan Favorites Moon Knight, Martian Manhunter, Lobo and many more, Here’s Our List of Characters Who Deserve Their own Film;


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