I don’t know about you, but I’m excited as hell for this sequel to an awesome fighting game from the developers who made Mortal Kombat X, Netherrealm Studios, and why not throw out some bad-ass characters that we’d like to see take on our favorite heroes and villains? There will be no particular order for these suggested characters, and seeing as they’d be DLC most likely, these choices are still based on how their fighting styles would be interpreted through the gameplay and interactions with the other established characters such as Batman, Superman, and Flash.

1.The Atom

Why shouldn’t this guy be given a chance to see if he can hold his own against Batman or Flash? I put this picture only because I feel they should base the costume off the ‘Arrow-verse’ version of The Atom, despite its clear inspiration from the Iron Man armor. His fighting style would be akin to a poor man’s Batman, but it’d be interesting to see how they would fit his shrinking and possible growing abilities into his repertoire.

2.Booster Gold

I mean, Street Fighter includes characters like Dan into their lineup, so why not this guy? He’d always be good for a punching bag! This would be the poor man’s Superman, even though he has his own suit like the Atom, this guy is all about flash rather than substance. He’d have cool power blasts as well as add another flying character to the roster. Like I said, Dan got a shot, let’s have fun with this dude.

3.Doctor Fate

I mean, look at the dude. Is there anything that needs to be said? This guy would be awesome to fight with, think of the DC universe’s version of Raiden and Liu Kang mixed into one since Dr. Fate can control both lightning and fire. Just his look alone is enough to earn him a spot on the roster, and would definitely intrigue me enough to see what his ‘super move’ would be.

4.Dr. Manhattan

Before you crucify me for this, every fighting game has that cheesy character who could beat anybody as long as you knew the basic combos and had near unblockable special moves. Dr. Manhattan definitely doesn’t make sense because he’s more of a God than Superman is, but again the wow factor is up to 10 with this dude. I could’ve gone with Nite Owl just for the interesting interaction with Batman, but the good Doctor here would look amazing as a fighter, plus Street Fighter did half the work already with Seth, just add powers and an awesome Super!

5.Black Canary

Yes, we need to get some ladies in here, especially since Batman and Joker already have their girlfriends on the roster, why not include Green Arrow’s gal? The character is especially popular due to the Arrow-verse and would be interesting to see how she’d hold her own against the other females in the DC universe such as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman. The interactions would be definitely entertaining on top of that.


Complete the Justice League lineup and include this guy already. Sure, we had Hawkgirl in the original Injustice but Supergirl is included in the roster so there are ways to differentiate characters who pretty much have the same set of abilities. Hawkman has a cooler weapon too, in my opinion, and would definitely add another flying character to combat Superman and Supergirl, Wonder Woman, etc. Super move could include Hawkgirl! Tag team Supers FTW!

7.Reverse Flash

This is the one I want badly to be included in the original roster, not even as DLC, because I mean come on! He’s at the peak of his popularity due to his roles in the Flash TV show and even Legends of Tomorrow! Again, Batman and Superman have their villains included, give the Scarlet Speedster his nemesis to see who truly is the Fastest Man Alive. The Clash animation would definitely be epic and if only Clashes applied to Super moves, because both of them running around the world and punching each other at the speed of light would make the 59.99 retail price well worth it 😀


We’ve got Lex Luthor, Joker, Doomsday, etc. Why the hell is the biggest villain in the DC universe in terms of presence and power not included as a fighter? Maybe he’s on the level of Dr. Manhattan but this guy has pretty much fought every member of the Justice League, so why not be able to do it on a gaming level? Saving the best for last, the upcoming Injustice 2 should definitely find a way to involve the ruler of Apokolips and tailor his clashes to be most entertaining when up against Superman, Batman, and even Lex Luthor. His Super would definitely have to be on the level of Superman’s punch into the atmosphere, and he’d be great as part of the story!

Leave your comments below and give your own opinions as to who should be considered as DLC or even part of the first Roster for Injustice 2.

Injustice 2 will be released at some point in the year 2017.

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