It’s been three years since Young Justice was cancelled by Cartoonnetwork, but finally we got news of a reboot that should hit TV again within the next couple of years, the platform we will see it on is still unkown. If you’re a fan of the show, here are things your should be looking forward to in Season 3. (Spoilers ahead)

  1. New Team, Same Old Dynamics73b1cacbd561bd1ccef874644e5f2bffThe most important aspects of Young Justice was the team. Whether you’re talking about season 1 or season 2, five years apart from each other, both teams bring so much to each episode that it wouldn’t be the same without each of them. But you can’t help but want more.

The DC universe is vast, there are many characters that the show hasn’t shown us yet. And many they have but haven’t been in the spotlight like the original team was or Blue Beetle in season 2. In season one Superboy, Miss Martian, Robin, Aqualad, Artemis (introduced in episode 6), and Kid Flash blessed our screens with their quips, frienships and romances. Five years later in Season 2 the team expanded, characters like Blue Beetle, Lagoon Boy, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Batgirl and Robin (Tim Drake) joined, bringing even more dynamics to the show. And yet with the additions to the team five years later and the retirement of a few (and Aquaman’s traitorous change), it felt like we knew even less about the team now more than ever. Especially after season 1 had one of the last episodes of the season expose practically all the secrets of the team they’d been hiding (season 1 ep 25 “Usual Suspects”), this new team seemed less important. Of course Blue Beetle’s focus in season 2 highlighted him and shadowed all the other great characters. So delving deeper into the characters, would be ideal though might be tough in only 20 minute episodes.

2. Quippy Humor


Young Justice wouldn’t be the same without the humor. Whether it be Robin’s ‘Aster’ and ‘Whelmed’ rants or Kid Flash’s sarcastic tone, the show’s humor was immensely important. At the very least it has created some great memes.ac7f6d746d37066593455d8c151ebaae

3. Original Team, Teen Titans nod96c3b5ffe3bc409bd9fc51d1b89293ea

Whether you see the original team as Kid Flash, Robin (Nightwing) and Aqulad. Or those three plus Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis it doesn’t matter. Those six were and always will be the main and most important characters in the show, and fan favorites. In season 2 the original team wasn’t overshadowed, Aqualad’s betrayal, Artemis’ “death”, Miss Martian’s mind wiping and Nightwing’s plan with Aqualad kept them at the forefront of the show. But with more new characters than the old you couldn’t help but feel like the original team took a back seat during the season while still being the ones who held the map (car trip analogy). And I was fine with that.241d957fffb46791871b00b7409a66fb

From 2003-2006 Teen Titans was the Young Justice of it’s time. The team (Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg) made so many of us (many of you reading this will attest) comic book fans and fans of those characters. Or at least made us even more so. While TT did have a different feel and art style that YJ you can see the similarities, especially in the fans. In this upcoming season 3 of Young Justice I and I hope you reader, want a nod or some more of the members of TT in the show. We already have Robins, and Beast boy but getting Raven, Cyborg and Starfire into this world would be justifiable.

4. Justice League Presence


Yes, the show is about the Young Justice League, each of the team members is extremely important to the show. But without the Justice League the team wouldn’t even exist. Each member of the team, has some sort of mentor that has taught and guided them throughout their superhero life. Whether it be Batman and Robin or Flash and Kid Flash those relationships are important whether you think it or not. All I’m saying is that the show needs them to give many great scenes of humor and development. Miss Martian taking the shape of Black Canary as she made out with Superboy comes to mind, lol.42182fada6cfb47e50caf0e3d4f550bd

In seasons 1 & 2, the JL was present, Batman was the team’s mission ‘giver’ and Black Canary was their sparring teacher. Even Shazam was an honorary member (at least he wanted to be). The missing 16 hours that the Justice League faced during ‘The Light’s’ final battle of season 1 was a great way to connect season 1 and 2 even five years apart.

5. Art/Animation, Don’t Fix What Ain’t Brokencomparison

The art in Young Justice was amazing. The way the creators had changed or tweaked the outfits of the heroes to create their YJ universe was unbeatable. Not even the DC Animated Universe movies like Justice League: Throne of Atlantis or Justice League vs Teen Titans can match the art superpower of YJ. Another show Batman The Animated Series (perhaps my favorite cartoon of all time, along with many of yours) also pops into my mind about art style. Though it was great the artist changed the art, using less lines and matching it with the Superman Animated Series so when they had crossovers it was easier for Batman to fight along side Superman without looking out of place. I bring this up only because I think there is nothing more that the Young Justice artists need to do to their rendering of these characters, it’s some of the most pleasing looking animation since BTAS and Avatar The Last Airbender.662cb53eb426e748109d2c63d1503e73

6. Villiansthe_light
The theory that Marvel cannot make good villains (except Loki) seems to be even more true when you compare them to the villains in YJ. The Light, as they called themselves, was comprised of Vandal Savage, Queen Bee, Lex Luthor, Rah’s Al Ghul, The Brain, Klarion the Witch Boy and Black Manta. Though we didn’t really even know who they were throughout most of the first season The Light seemed to be apart of everything and no matter what things seemed to be going according to plan. Of course becuase of this new season happening we should expect no less than seeing these villains back and better than ever, especially after that handshake between Savage and Darkseid in the season 2 finale with Gordon Godfrey watching them.youngjustice_injusticesociety

So many villains were in this show besides The Light as well, some more well known some not. Each were greatly used and were awesome to see. Clayface, Deathstroke, The Reach, Blockbuster, Bane, King Cobra, Twister, Professor Ivo (Amazo), Poison Ivy, Joker, Count Vertigo, Atomic Skull, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, Mr. Freeze, Wotan and the list still goes one. I don’t think any show could compete with all the villains on this show.

7. Kid Flash’s Return660f9a6524cdc96cc28f09697996f534One of the main reasons why fans have wanted a season 3 is to find out what happens with Wally West’s future. Whether he comes back after being trapped in the speed force (probably faster than ever) or he stays dead, some closure to one of the most shocking and maddening deaths would be preferable. The anguish on Artemis’ face and Nightwing’s inability to keep leading the team because his best friend was dead just twisted the knife. And seeing Flash somber and quiet, then Impulse as the new Kid Flash in Wally’s old suit…cue the tears. Then when Artemis said that “Artemis was Wally’s partner”, pass the tissues.38c24bea94de2a3b887a510e7eab82eb

Let’s just say the death of one of the original three (Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash) was greatly done, we just need more closure.

8. More Development in the YJ Universe


The jump of five years for season 2 may have made many seem like they missed a lot in the lives of these characters but it did wonders for this universe (and the writing caught everyone up within a few episodes). Because of these 5 years we could see many changes to the team and not only the additions. For instance Kid Flash and Artemis’ retirement, Robin becoming Nightwing, Tim Drake now Robin (Jason Todd’s death), and even Zatanna and Rocket Girl being apart of the Justice League. 22b5c204705e5cda2e67bf026dc3046c

In season 3 whether they pick up right after season 2, as many years it’s been since the finale or choose a random number of years after season 2 there needs to be some change. Maybe Jason Todd is now Red Hood, or Superman and Wonder Woman are dating. Some sort of change like we saw after the 5 year jump will give us an even bigger world.


What are you looking forward to most? Did I miss anything? Let me know your thoughts.


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