The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be was absolutely thrilling, brutal, and intense. Every moment of the episode was suspenseful and beautifully shot. There were some standout performances and scenes that made many fans cry. This review contains SPOILERS and explicit language. You have been warned

If you don’t wanna know which of these people die then leave now.

Starting off immediately after the events of the season 6 finale, viewers witness Rick promising the new antagonist Negan that he’s going to kill him. “Not today, not tomorrow but I’m going to kill you,” he whispers in his ear. Afterwards Negan drags Rick to the RV to “teach him a lesson.” This all takes place after he already killed someone (with the audience still clueless about who the victim was). From there on Negan continues to prove his superiority and power over Rick and his group. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays the character so menacingly it’s like he was born to play this role. In my opinion he fits the character almost as perfectly as Hugh Jackman portrays Wolverine and Robert Downey Jr. plays Iron Man.

Negan on screen and on paper.

Another person who gave a standout performance was Andrew Lincoln who is the sheriff Rick Grimes. Rick has become one of the toughest characters over the course of seven seasons. He has been through so much shit he’s practically decensitized and has even comeback from near insanity at one point. Now he is in a position he is rarely in which is being completely helpless…in fact his mindset is still the same as it would be with any other threat they’ve encountered before them even though Negan has every advantage you can think of. Later on in the episode he is forced to fend off a horde of walkers in an attempt to get his hatchet for Negan as well as nearly cutting his own sons arm off. Negan knows that Rick hasn’t been getting the messages that have been demonstrated in front of him so he breaks Rick so badly that he melts down in tears, shock, and utter disbelief in the end. No matter how bad the situations have gotten for our group they have almost always persevere through them…however Negan and The Saviors don’t mess around and everyone finds that out the hard way in this episode.

Rick fearing Negan.

The point in which fans realized that you simply don’t fuck with Negan is the entire episode from beginning to end. There were many memorable moments but the ones that’ll be remembered forever are the character death scenes. Not only did Negan beat one character, he horrifically killed two. Abraham was the first to go secretly hiding behind the camera in the finale last season. That wasn’t enough however because Daryl strikes Negan out of rage shortly after he viciously murdered Abraham. This causes him to take another persons life since he already gave them a free pass already. That life ended up being Glenn’s. Although he died at this point in the comics, many fans thought he would be safe considering the show has many differences. Plus they already faked his death once so we thought he’d be safe. Otherwise that fake out would’ve been a waste of time but TWD crew proved otherwise. Glenn’s death broke the hearts of many die hard fans. Millions of fans took to social media about how saddened they were by the fictional characters loss. He was such a down to earth character it’s nearly impossible to not like him. Out of the entire group Glenn had the most heart, passion, and determination for others he cared about especially his wife Maggie. In fact his last words were “Maggie I’ll find you.” Even in his final moments all he wanted to do was comfort the love of his life. His journey from the beginning was the most relatable an that’s why it’s so hard for many people to let him go.

So accurate it’s amazingly terrifying.

Season 7s premiere ended up being one of  best episodes of the series. Despite the unbelievable deaths the acting was superb, the visuals were insane, and the camera angles were perfect. Seeing our protagonists as helpless as they was both shocking and surprisingly epic at the same time. Although I’m full of emotions right now I gotta give everyone credit to everyone behind his premiere because that was a satisfying first episode. The wait in my opinion was worth it. I cannot to see what else is in store for the rest of season 7. I give this premiere a 9 out of 10. -written and reviewed by JT from @jtreviewsplus on Instagram.

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