Chaotic, hectic, messy…all words you might have seen used to negatively describe Suicide Squad.

Yet…shouldn’t those all be compliments? I mean, this is DC’s signature squad of psychopathic bad guys we’re dealing with here.  For a movie starring the Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Enchantress, and a slew of other ridiculous characters, did you really expect a by-the-books, linear sort of story? Instead, what you get is exactly what you should come to expect: an incredibly action-packed, hilarious, frenzied concoction that simply suits its source material to a “T.”

Suicide Squad has drawn early criticism in its opening weekend over its questionable use of fast paced editing and development, but if you ask any DC fan, it really works for this type of story.  Swap out the characters for boy scouts and goody two-shoes, and you’ve got a whole different argument. What Suicide Squad succeeds in is keeping you on your toes and guessing how the story is going to play out due to the unpredictability of its characters. It’s a whirl wind of a thrill ride, and all of the main characters get their moment to shine.  Standing out for me was Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker. While he is smartly used as a secondary character, his scene-stealing presence and overall creep-factor had me excitedly bouncing in my seat thinking of the endless possibilities of him being in future Batman films. This version of the Joker fits perfectly in the cinematic world that Zack Snyder, David Ayer, and Geoff Johns have created thus far, and it’s clear that Leto has put plenty of passion and intellect into the character himself.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn surprised me as a leading lady, proving herself capable of lifting the story and the rest of the cast onto her shoulders in several key scenes, even getting most of the best laughs in the film.  Will Smith’s portrayal of Deadshot is one of his best roles in recent years, and he definitely brings a certain flair that would otherwise be missing.  There’s one scene in particular where Deadshot takes down a ridiculous number of bad guys while the rest of the team stands by to watch in awe, that is honestly pure cinematic gold. Oh, and how can you forget the awesome Batman and The Flash cameos? While short, they ground the story in a world that we are already familiar with, and set the playground of the rest of the characters to have fun with. The rest of the cast does a great job of telling their characters’ stories without feeling super clunky or crowded.  There are times when the pacing slows a bit, but the unique editing style and flashbacks help break up the monotony of what would otherwise just feel like any other superhero movie.

Before you start bashing Suicide Squad, take into consideration just what type of story you’re dealing with here. The tone fits the story. A team of B-List villains and psychopaths finally get their chance to shine in the spotlight and things don’t go according as planned. So should it come as any surprise that Suicide Squad pushes the boundaries and tries to bend the rules when it comes to traditional editing and story pacing? Say what you want, but Suicide Squad is a hilariously gritty, psychotic, rampantly fun movie that is sure to please fans of comics or of the DC universe in general.  Please go and check it out in theaters while you can.


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