Producers Oren Kroules and Dan Heffer are coming back, with John Stolhberg and Peter Goldfinger writing the script.

When Saw VII or Saw 3D, as stupid as that sounds, was released and touted as the final Saw movie, many doubted that it actually was, given how many sequels they had already made. Well that seemed to be the case until Saw: Legacy was announced in 2013.

In a report from 2014, producer, Oren Kroules did tease that original creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell could be involved in some way, as well as that they were getting “close” with Saw 8. Interestingly enough, he also said that a sequel wouldn’t probably be announced until Comic Con 2016, which happens to be two weeks away.

Until then, according to iaste837, which is a union focusing on current productions in Toronto, Saw 8 shooting will take place between September 21 and October 21.

Are you excited for Saw 8, or do you think this franchise should’ve died for good back in 2010?

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