Marvel has announced the new series of the Thor Comic The Unworthy Thor and the original Thor is back.

The new series will lunch as part of Marvel Now, coming out this fall. The creative team in charge of the series are Jason Aron( The Mighty Thor) and Oliver Coipel.

After the Original Thor became unworthy of wielding the Mjolnir, Jane Foster became the new Thor, The Unworthy Thor will follow the journey of the Odinson, without been Thor again, but using the hammer of the Thor of the Ultimate Marvel universe.


“By ending the Ultimate universe, we knew we were kind of given this lump sum of those characters,” Aaron tells io9. “So, part of my goal with Thors was [to do] the final story for Ultimate Thor. We talked about wanting to make those Secret Wars miniseries mean something in terms of the bigger picture still unfolding, that they weren’t just four random issues you could forget about named Thors. I wanted something big to come out of Thors that would affect our characters going forward, so that turned out to be a hammer. This is just a great, great beast of metal.

“So to have that somehow fly through the events of Secret Wars and land in the normal Marvel Universe, which we saw at the end of Thors, at Old Asgard— of course it went back to Old Asgard, but the old Asgard, nobody lives there. So, it’s just been sitting there, all this time.”

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