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The Man of Steel is back Superman issue 2! I haven’t read a Superman comic book at a weekly rate in a very long time. I haven’t enjoyed the recent incarnations of the Man of Tomorrow and saw myself going back to his older stories like Superman: For All Seasons, Superman Brainiac, and Superman: Secret Identity to hold over my love for the hero. But I think I’ve found my new modern fix with DC Rebirth’s Superman written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason.

While we didn’t do a review on Superman #1 here at GeekStreamHQ I personally loved issue with the new relationships and potential arcs it introduced. Those relationships continue as The Son of Superman arc continues in Superman #2. After the suspenseful cliffhanger that closed out the last issue, Superman has taken his son Jon on a routine rescue mission that goes awry pretty quickly.

Both Jon and Superman have to think quick on their feet to get out of this situation. They do so with pretty spectacular results. The art in this latest installment is superb from Mick Gray providing excellent epic moments from panel to panel.

Tomasi and Gleason bring a great pace to this story. I love how were able to make such a small event bring the greatest of stakes. The characters continue to impress with the stand out being Jonathan Kent. Superman’s son has a lot of learning to do but you want to see him succeed at his trials. He’s sweet kid that just wants to do right by his family. It’s a cool dynamic seeing Superman have to raise his son while also trying find his footing the world. This Superman is the one we all know and love but with a new set of struggles. Mostly how does he replace the old Sueprman(who is deceased) while also gaining the trust of a few other Super Friends. While also raising Jonathan and maintaining a marriage with Lois Lane. It’s a lot of pressure put on this Man of Steel but it’s a struggle most of us can relate to. This is a man who wants to do right by his family but also by the world.

Superman #2 is great continuation of an already fantastic arc. Great story, great characters new and old, plus a Superman and “Superboy” with with a great dynamic. Would defiantly recompensed picking this one up.

Favorite Panel-Jonathan revealing his Superman Shirt.

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