The eagerly awaited mobile Pokémon game has now gone live in the United States.

The game became available yesterday in Austrailia and New Zeland, and has finally come to the App Store and Google Play in the U.S.

According to the developers, Pokémon GO will be very similar to Ingress in play-style, and, while the developers aim to ensure that a player can walk out of their house and encounter a wild Pokémon within 5 minutes, it may not be the rarest Pokémon in the world. Like Niantic’s previous project, Pokémon GO will host a number of events in order to allow players to trade the Pokémon from their regions with those found in faraway locations. Hanke stated that Pokémon trading is going to be a huge thing, as no player will be able to collect all the creatures by themselves, unless they take a year off work to travel the world. “There may be some people who do that,” he added.

Hanke also confirmed the Pokémon GO world will include gyms, the popular boss battle destinations featured in almost every Pokémon game. Gyms will be rare, but provide players with an opportunity to battle and level up the Pokémon that they have collected.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality mobile game free to play on Apple devices and Android and is available now.

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