More past the jump…The World’s greatest heroes are back! Darren here with my review of Justice League Rebirth! The Justice League returns after a spectacular 50 issue run from Geoff Johns. The Legendary Bryan Hitch takes the helm fo r the flagship Superhero team in this relaunch of the series. I was a little late to Johns run on Justice League but I loved nearly every arc. He was perfectly able to balance darkness and wit while weaving epic tales around our favorite characters. He also brought forward some B and C list characters to the light in his excellent run. So personally Bryan Hitch had some big shoes to fill stepping onto Justice League.  

After reading Justice League Rebirth I have to say he sticks the landing-for the most part. This new Justice League starts on mostly familiar ground. Aliens attacking a city and the worlds greatest heroes coming in the save the day. That part of the story didn’t excite me at all. Watching this play out just bled through as been there done that. Plus the villains name and plan, The Reaper? Guessing  Bryan Hitch hasn’t played Mass Effect.  

But the plots that sold me on this issue were the conversation between Clark and Lois about Superman stepping to into the world by joining the Justice League. It’s a an interesting struggle Superman is having. Should he completely fill the shoes of the dead Superman and go full throttle taking his place? Does the Justice League need a Superman?

While Superman juggles with this dilemma the Justice League ponders whether or not they should invite this new Superman to join. These conversations kept me hooked on this story while the Invasion stuff tempted my enjoyment. Look it was fun. Had some snappy dialogue and awesome set pieces but an Alien invasion isn’t the only thing the Justice League can face.

Overall Justice League rebirth was a soft start that promises an interesting tension between Superman and the League.

I’d still recommend picking it up on that promise alone.

Favorite Panel: Justice League United(Even though Supes should be in front)

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