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Today, Universal Studios announced that the popular horror franchise, Halloween, will be making a return to HHN, with the maze/house being based on Halloween II. Check out the announcement video below, as well as the official press release.

Fans may have thought it was over, but he’s still out there. This fall, Michael Myers will make his return to Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights in an all-new maze inspired by the second film in the classic horror series, “Halloween.”

The iconic horror film sequel continues the story of masked killer, Michael Myers, as he stalks an entire town and relentlessly pursues his victims. Now, his focus turns to guests as Universal joins forces with Compass International Pictures to bring the haunting film’s most suspenseful and terrifying moments to life at Halloween Horror Nights.

At both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood, Michael Myers returns in Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield – a maze that’s bigger and filled with more menacing scare-actors than the original, top-rated “Halloween” maze. It will begin with the final scene from “Halloween,” where Michael Myers is presumed dead after falling from a bedroom window – only to disappear from the ground. Guests will dodge Myers’ lethal knife at every turn as they step into iconic scenes from the film – all culminating in a horrifying finale.

This is the second maze to be announced for HHN Hollywood, following The Exorcist. The Exorcist will also be at HHN Orlando along with, so far, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Walking Dead, and Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield, obviously. Chance will be the icon for HHN 26 at Orlando.

Focusing on Orlando, HHN 26 certainly seems like it’ll be a great event (besides The Walking Dead), but I really wish we would be getting a more original lineup. It’s not so much that most of the houses are based on movies/TV shows, it’s just that these are mostly properties that have been at the events in the last few years. The Exorcist is the only thing i’m really jazzed about as it’s never been done and most of the movie takes place in one room. That creates a real challenge for the creative teams.


The direction they’re taking Chance seems cool, but she played a big role in the event just last year. It would be great for the art and design team to come up with an original icon. Originality and creativity was one of the things that made the event stand out for a lot of people.


As for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, if they can tap into what made the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre so terrifying, which is the film the house is based on, It’ll be an awesome house. I’m just tired of them using overused properties, especially with chainsaws.


That being said, it’s nowhere near as bad as the return of The Walking Dead. That has been at the event since 2012, and, from my understanding, had its best house at HHN 24 that’ll probably never be topped in terms of Walking Dead. Since Universal Studios Hollywood recently got a year round Walking Dead attraction, many thought the property wouldn’t be at HHN Orlando, but that obviously isn’t the case.

Regardless though, as I said, it’s sure to be a great event. Are you excited about Halloween returning to HHN, and do you also crave more originality out of the event? You can find out all the info about HHN Orlando/Hollywood, as well as Singapore and Japan here.

Halloween Horror Nights 26 Runs on Select Nights from September 16 – October 31 2016. You can find out all the info about

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