Marvel has already brought action and physics and the only thing left was the magical realms and Doctor Strange is assured to take that to the next level in the cinematic universe as it has done in the comics and amazed the comic fans.

With Benedict Cumberbatch playing Stephen Strange AKA Doctor Strange what more could we expect (he has already aced Sherlock, one of the most complex detective). But wait a minute, we also have  Mads Mikkelsen taking upon the role of Kaecillius. Yet the main question is Who is Kaecillius?

A Doctor Strange official Prequel Comic has been released of which the first Half has been revealed by the Marvel Comics (well played!). The comic takes place in the marvel cinematic universe, hence the non comic fans need not worry about brushing up their comic knowledge as far as they have seen all the marvel movies. Nor does it have a small Thor: Dark world Easter egg but it also Has revealed the mysterious nature that clouded  Kaecillius role in The movie.

The book, written by Will Corona Pilgrim and drawn by Jorge Fornes is full of Thrilling Plots and Easter eggs and some new characters as well (Apart from Wong Badass entrance, who was that new female?). As the story goes so far:

Masters chasing after a rogue novice from their order, who has stolen a mystical staff that can swallow light and harness darkness (you might have heard this in agent carter) Kaecilius, clearly high-ranking even amongst the other Masters, dispatches himself, gets defeated, and returns with the full might of the assembled Masters to take her down.

Wondering how he can be a villain? Being the Prelude, It could be that he had betrayed not only the masters but the ancient one as well. This may sound senseless but going by the comics,  Kaecillius has attempted to kidnap ancient one several times and has been stopped by Doctor Strange. He has been shown to work for none other than Baron Mordo the arch rival of Doctor Strange. Being Jealous of his Power and Respect given to him by Ancient one even tho he was just a beginner, he went to the dark side and joined hands with Dormammu to exact revenge on both Strange and Ancient one

As seen in the trailer, Baron Mordo played by Chiwetel Ejiofor is seen alongside Doctor Strange helping him. Will we see Double Betrayal Scenes? This movie has already taken a huge twist before it even aired. Guess His hands arent the only ones who betrayed him?

what are your thoughts on this? Do you feel sorry for him. Do drop your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for more news and scoops! And Don’t forget to get your pass to enter the magical realms on 4th November 2016 as Doctor Strange is waiting for you in the theaters nearby.

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