There’s been talk for the last few years about comic book movies and why they’re going out of style. Comic book movies – for years now – have been compared to western movies. Back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s westerns were the comic book movies of the present day, with stars like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood being the Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Affleck of that time. But the westerns died out. They all became the same movie. And many say comic books movies will suffer the same fate. But they won’t, and here’s why…

We have DC, Marvel, Fox, Sony, Paramount all making different comic book movies. We have all of these different types of comic book movies. Deadpool, Batman V Superman, X-Men, and Avengers, all of those films are different in their own way. They all bring something unique to the table. And that is why I think comic book movies will never go ,”the way of the western”, as they say.
Sure, some Marvel movies take the safe route with the same formula. But they keep us coming back. They keep making more and more each movie. Audiences aren’t becoming bored of them, they’re becoming more interested in them. Comic book movies are becoming cultural.

Now some say that because Marvel follows the same formula each movie, the audience is going to get bored, and that will be the end of comic book movies. To this I say, yes and no. Could Marvel movies eventually get boring? Yes they could. But if they do, I can guarantee they will switch it up and deliver something new. Civil War was something new. It wasn’t a team up movie where the heroes won, because the villain won, and the Avengers were split apart.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
DC is a completely different tone, and something new each movie. Man Of Steel showed a hero being pushed to his limits, and struggling with the hero he knew he could be, or the farm boy from Kansas he knew he was. It showed us the consequences of every action a hero takes, and the same goes with Batman V Superman. Though not universally loved, Batman V Superman showed us something we’d never seen before. The two most iconic characters of all time battling each other, giving us a Batman we’d never seen before, that is struggling with his past and with the future of the human race now that this God-like being has arrived.
Whether you hate Man Of Steel or love it, and whether you hate Batman V Superman or love it, you must admit they both brought new things to the comic book movie world.

Now for the most unique of the pack,
Deadpool. The R-Rated, raunchy, chimichanga eating comedy showed us the hilarious and violent side of comic books. After the atrocity of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans were dying to see a faithful adaption of the merc with a mouth. And so came one of, if not the most faithful comic adaption ever. Deadpool was originally only projected for a mere $60 million opening, and ended up with $135 million dollars and the 2nd biggest R-Rated movie of all time. It was made with a small (for a comic book movie) $50 million dollar budget, and is universally loved by normal movie goers and comic book fans alike.

This was all to show that all audiences are still interested in comic book movies, and as long as studios keep putting new and unique things out, they will never go out of style. There’s a near unlimited amount of material out there, and there’s always something new to bring into all comic book films.
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