Read our Batman #2 review after the jump…Batman’s coming with the jokes in this one. Darren here with my review for Batman #2. Batman Rebirth introduced some stellar action and new editions to the masked crusaders world. A Plane fell from the skies and new metahumans caught out of the sky saving not only the passengers but Batman himself. Those metahumans call themselves Gotham and Gotham Girl. In Issue #2 Batman seems keen on welcoming them into the fold. He’s a little more eager to allow these new heroes to operate in the city because of the countless threats a man in a bat suit can’t handle. Personally I think the only reason Batman is even humoring the idea is because these two heroes are actually from Gotham but it is nice to see Batman allowing other Heroes on his turf.


We still don’t know much about Gotham and Gotham girl. Where they come from or what they can truly do but hopefully(surely) we’ll learn more as the story progresses.

Tom Kings dialogue has a great snark to it that is welcome in Batman’s brooding world. Bruce’s many interactions with Alfred and The Gotham’s first impression to one of Batman’s oldest tricks were hilarious to watch play out.

The big standout in this comic however is that there is a new conspiracy brewing in Gotham. Someone BIG seems to be behind these recent terrorist attacks and they may be bringing an even bigger threat to Gotham. I won’t say who or what but it has something to do with an old graphic novel and one of Batman’s oldest foes. Any Guesses?

Tom King and David Finch’s Batman is shaping into a great run already bringing in great elements new and old into Batman’s mythos. It’s a story I cannot wait to return to in the coming weeks.

Favorite Panel: Bruce studying the bat-computer monitors. Subtle but excellent.

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