whenever one thinks of an archaeological adventure, The first thing that comes in our mind is Indiana Jones But now he has a rival of his own, Namely Tomb Raider.One of the Edios most successfully known creations spawning a franchise itself. The two movies starring Angelina Jolie earned $432 million worldwide for Paramount Pictures. With the new game also around the corner, Crystal Dynamics have hyped up the Movie as well by revealing the actress who will be playing the young lady

After Angelina Jolie Departed from the role of Tomb Raider, Square Enix itself also gave upon the mantle of Tomb Raider games, inherited by the Crystal Dynamics who left no time in disappointing the fans by giving them a rebooted game of Tomb Raider, the game focused on the earlier years of Tomb Raider when she was young and had just embarked on her first journey. While the game was critically acclaimed by not only the critics but the audience as well, The fans now hoped for a rebooted movie as well.

Crystal Dynamics had Surprised their fans with not only the announcement of a movie based on the video game but also a sequel to the video game as well. The movie will be co produced by Warner Bros and MGM who acquired the rights from GK films which itself had acquired the rights from Square Enix,the parent company of original Tomb Raider video game developer Eidos (thats a long chain!)

And with Comic Con around the corner, Crystal Dynamics itself would not hold back as it recently announced the one who will take upon the mantle of young Tomb Raider. Alicia Vikander, who not only starred as a robot in ex machina but also was actress alongside Henry Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. wait, She had also won an  Academy Award for her performance in The Danish Girl and now will be starring in Jason Bourne as well (I Recommend you to watch these films before she startles you with her Tomb Raider Role)

The New Tomb Raider Film is said to be based on Crystal Dynamics Rebooted Game where Alicia Vikander will take upon the rile of young Tomb Raider who has embarked on one of her first quest and is heading to the theaters near you on March 16, 2018. Cant Wait? Crystal Dynamics has that handled as well with the sequel to the 2013’S Tomb Raider Game to be launched for PS4 later in 2016 while its already out there for PC and Xbox One.

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