New Iron-Man comic series announced, more details past the jump

Just minutes ago, Marvel Comics shared the shocking news that it’s Invincible Ironman relaunch will feature a 15 year old African American MIT student who is obviously very intelligent. She’s already built her own armor in her dorm room, and will become Ironman following Tony Stark’s step down at the end of Civil War II, according to writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Because of his great success with other characters I love, I’m willing to give this a chance and I hope you readers will too.

“More people aregoing to be upset that they think they know the ending to Civil War II now than anything we just talked about,” Bendis says. “But I can tell you just because we’re hearing what we’re saying doesn’t know you mean how Civil War II ends. We’re not telling you the end, at all”

Well this certainly does sound promising. Make sure to check out our other articles on Marvel/DC topics!

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