Ghost Rider might show up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. soon.

According to a new casting call noted by, it goes out for a pair of latino brothers with one characterized as “the most dangerous person in the room” and the other brother is “paralyzed in a wheelchair”.


For comic book readers, this would point out the 2014 comic book incarnation of Marvel Now!’s Ghost Rider series., a Mexican-American named Robbie Reyes. In the series, Reyes gains the powers of  the Spirit of Vengeance. He has a disabled brother by the name Gabe. Reyes also drives a flaming black muscle car unlike the traditional motorcycle and carries his own distinctive look as Ghost Rider.

Marvel has seemingly teased Ghost Rider presence in the series using a SDCC promotional image which you can see below;

aog rider

There were rumors a while back that Ghost Rider would have his own show next year, but this is yet to be confirmed. With Marvel having acquired the character rights back, this could be possible and would probably be featured on Netflix where they can have a much darker tone and violent like The Punisher series which is set to debut next year, Daredevil and the Jessica Jones series.

Would you like to see Ghost Rider get introduced in the series? Sound your thoughts in the comments below.


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