Hey gang! I just finished my viewing of the newly released Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. This release may single be one of the most anticipated Blu Ray/Digital releases in the past decade.  The original cut of BVS itself is an extremely divisive film amongst fans. Many love it many loathe it. Some are the middle like me. Loved somethings and others not so much. For me you can find my thoughts of the film here and here.

But to sum it up I thought the original cut for BVS was entertaining but flawed in the handling if its lead characters and story. But upon viewing the new and improved Ultimate Edition I found many flaws to be remedied. Here’s five key improvements that really stuck out to  me.





The theatrical cut of the film I found Superman to be wasted character in his own movie. Gloomy, indecisive, foolish, and all around just not Superman. This wasn’t the character I grew up nor was it a new take on the character. This was just an aimless alien with god like powers. But all this changed when upon viewing the Ultimate Cut. Superman is trying. He’s striving to be the hero we all want him to be but due to the foiling of Lex Luthor the world is turning on him. His status in the world is being constantly tested by Lex’s devilish plans and it’s nice to actually see the fallout through Superman’s eyes. You feel bad for him and you connect with him as well. He’s trying to do the right thing but a lead wool is constantly being thrown over his eyes. 

We also got more Clark Kent in this story. He went out to Gotham to investigate the mysterious Batman. Through his encounters with various Gothamites I absolutely understood Clark’s anger toward Batman as he said “The Bat is dead, bury it.” From Everything Clark uncovered Batman and who he met in the city, The Dark Knight is a monster. In Superman’s eyes he needs to be stopped. I’m glad that this cut took the time add meat to Superman’s story.    



The tone of the movie also benefited from The Extended Edition. One of things I never really had a problem with relating to BVS is the tone of this film. Is it dark? Yes but that’s what the story called for. These characters are in a dark place. Tone wasn’t the problem in BVS it was the execution of story. But with multiple story points added back into the mix the tone benefits and triumphs.   



The Original cut of Dawn of Justice was choppy and all over the place. Many story beats came completely out of nowhere or never had any proper payoff. But the Extended Edition improves upon that in spades. The sequence in North Africa actually has a hold over the first two acts of the film. The bullet sub plot makes sense now. Jena Malone’s character plays a great tool for exposition.  With all these pieces brought back into the puzzle the film flows at an incredible cohesive pace. The moments before the senate explosion left me breathless with each new piece of information that was brought to light and I knew what was going to happen. Plus it makes Superman look less incompetent. (lead lining)  



I found the action to be better in the extended cut as well. While still somewhat the same there are little moments added like Superman being blasted across the battlefield by Doomsday or an extra shot of the Batmobile. The Knightmare sequence is extended as well.  Plus you feel the hits much more in this cut than the last. Lives up to the R rating. 



Lois’ part in the film is something I always had a problem with. The more I saw the film the more I found myself asking “Why are you here?”

But in this film fearless reporter Lois Lane truly comes to play. Her quest for the source of bullets was actually really interesting this time around.  It was nice to see some reporting in the film and it actually succeed moving the plot forward. 



Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice The Ultimate Edition isn’t a perfect film. I still have problems with the third act, there are still story problems, and I still have issues with the characterizations of the characters. But this is the superior cut and is definitely worth the price. If you loved BVS you will love this version more. If you liked BVS you’ll appreciate this version as well. If you hated BVS…..well.  

So what did you guys think of The Ultimate Edition and what were some of your takeaways? Please let me know in the comment sections below.

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