What Do you do when there is abundance of Super Villains rotting inside their Cells? Create some recreational activities for them I suppose. For Amanda Waller, Recreational Activities meant teaming them up together and sending them on dangerous suicidal missions some of which even included to go against the Members of Justice League as well. under the impression of immunity opportunities, A Single Lady had manipulated numerous of Super Villains for classified government missions.

The only Drawback was, Government held no responsibility for their actions if they were caught or died in action as well. Nonetheless, The Super Villains took the most out of their missions. While some sought for freedom, Others successfully took their revenge even if it costed them their life.

Wasting no more time, Below are 5 things we wish to see in Suicide Squad Movie and possibly some new changes in the DCEU.

 Trust Issues And Betrayal Scenes:

what happens when World’s Greatest Super Villains are Brought together under the influence of gaining immunity? It’s difficult to built a trust among its members when each of them are fighting not for the mission but for that immunity And Amanda Waller has been successful to use this weak spots to her motives.For Example, in Assault In Arkham Animated Movie, Amanda Waller had secretly given Killer Frost a solo mission for which she would be granted a further immunity of few more years. greedy as she was, she accepted and moved on but The Squad had a few tricks up their sleeves when they came to know that Riddler could get them rid of the bombs stuck to their necks leading to freedom from Amanda Waller Clutches. Could we see a series of Betrayal in the movie as well? Will Amanda be unhappy at the end and Government unsatisfied?                                                             Killer Frost

A Romantic Getaway: 

People unfamiliar with Suicide Squad would be rooting for Joker And Harley Quinn On Screen Relationship, But for Comic Fans A new Romantic Couple could be brewing up,Deadshot And Harley Quinn. With Joker In Arkham most of time. Its Deadshot who has filled the void within heart of Harley Quinn. It’s mainly their craziness and sexual desires which brings them together. But wait! Taking about Harley, how can one forget her lover and best friend. Poison ivy who has helped her in Break ins and Break outs as well. Which Shipping are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments down below while we hope we see a glimpse of Poison Ivy or a reference if so it is                                                                                                                                                                   Harley And Deadshot

They Can Be Resurrected: What happens when your resources just die off and you don’t any more left to run the business? In a World where Serums have been one of the Power Adrenaline, Amanda Waller Created her own Serum to Bring Back her Resources back to life to do her bidding.  Samsara serum, A serum that resurrects the Dead to live for another Day.This Drug had brought back numerous of Suicide Squad Members such as Deadshot (Irony?) But on other hand it has also killed those who had taken it. The Drug has been an ambiguous property In the DC universe But yet it has brought back some of the members on the cost of several others                                            Samsara serum

Leadership Rivalry: 

the infamous World War 2 prodigy,  Rick Flag Jr under whom the Suicide Squad was formed has always had an rivalry with the likes of Deadshot. he had lead the Suicide Squad on numerous missions along with it came the quarrels and misfires as well. He had gained the trust of his companions and also has killed his targets in a fashioned and fatal manner. His only reason to Work hard is to get his sentence reduced so that he can see his daughter again. But his Hardwork and Trust becomes an issue of jealousy for Rick. Will we see be able to see this in movie as well, a showdown i suppose? Or will Rick die leading the team in hands of Deadshot.             Rick and Deadshot

Its Not Only Super Villains: 

Thought Suicide Squad Was an All Villain Club? Often Has the Government produced Super Humans of their own which help in conflicts with either America or The Justice League as well.  Sergeant Steel, Unknown Soldier, and Power Girl have been mainly the Super humans that joined the Ranks of Squad and Lead them as well. Remember Barbara Gordan or should i say Oracle, She has also Contributed to The Squad as well. Her Contributions were not only Invaluable but her Involvement had been shocking revelation. But Later she joined Batman to help him in his crusades.                                                                                                                                                                power Girl                                                                                                                               Suicide Squad is set to invade the theaters near you on 8th August, 2016.What are your expectations from the movie? Do they match to ours or are they different. Drop them down in the comments below and stay tuned for more such news and top 5’s

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