With Comic Con around the Corner, News has been dropping down like the apples from the tree. Netflix Is also not holding back and has confirmed to bring its big guy to Comic Con for A small Sneak Peak. The guy has not only saved Jessica Jones from clutches of Purple Man but also has successfully beat her in terms of getting closer to the girl. While many call him the Power Man or the Man with the unbreakable skin. He simply goes by the name of Luke Cage.

Marvel has Announced to Bring forth Not only Mike Colter (Luke Cage) But also Alfre Woodward and Theo Rossi, who plays Cage’s enemy Shades AKA Alvarez along with him to the SDCC.

Luke Cage had first made its appearance in the Jessica Jones’s First Season as bartender who helped her in her drinking and detective problems. it wasn’t soon till he caught feelings for her and became her boyfriend not knowing that she was the killer of his wife (well the ending did give that away) he is said to not only have superhuman strength but also unbreakable skin as well. this was observant in his bar fight as well as when he sheltered Jessica from an explosion.

Netflix Luke Cage Standalone Series will dive deeper into his life, wrongly accused man who, granted superstrength by a sabotaged experiment, escapes prison to become a superhero for hire. reaching in the modern day harlem, he becomes a bartender trying to create a new persona but guess it was too soon for that to happen. i suppose he got Jon’ed. with his name and powers exposed, the past has come back to haunt him and claim the very city which he swore to protect.

Luke Cage also stars Sonia Braga as Soledad Temple, mother of Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, the nurse who first got troubles when bandaging Daredevil but yet didn’t get enough so tried to administer Luke Cage. Although she did so because her associates complained of the needles and injectors breaking when trying to inject in his skin. hence she was forced to inject the medicine through his eye (cons of unbreakable skin?). Frank Whaley as hard-nosed Detective Scarfe and Simone Missick as bionic-armed Cage associate Misty Knight

Luke Cage is said to break its way though Netflix and reach out on September 30.  Watch out for it! while dont forget to drop your thoughts in the comments below. Stay tuned for more news and scoops!

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