He may be smart, tough, strong, but he can also get his ass kicked easily.

Hulk is considered one the few most powerful Marvel characters, but even though he’s all that Strong, Indestructible, Smart, Rampaging, he can easily get defeated.

A variety of Heroes and Villains have managed to knock out the Green giant or can get a chance to make the Hulk go into submission or unconsciousness. We are going to list them here on our top 6 characters who can defeat the green giant.

10. Darkseid.


If this guy can be able to give SuperMan a hit of his lifetime, then Bruce wont be a problem. Darksied is physically powerful, super-intelligent and immortal. He can be able to easily erase the hulk out of existence using the Omega beams.

9. Iron-Man

hulkbuster v hulk

Hulk got KO’d by Iron-Man in Avengers:Age of Ultron using the Hulkbuster suit, that may not be a defeat, But a KO is a KO! Also in IronMan #132.

8.Silver Surfer


Another Entity who can put The Hulk on the ground on this list is Silver Surfer. He can do it by a single blast from the Power Cosmic also In Tales to Astonish #92-93, he literally  smacked the Hulk down with his surfboard. And he can do it again.



A match up between Doomsday and Hulk would be amazing. Both have strikingly similar abilities and power levels -But with Doomsday ability to adapt and grow stronger after a knock, would be a great advantage to him making it possible to defeat the Green Giant.



Namor is the king of Atlantis. Marvel’s very first mutant, he is also capable of flight and he’s practically unmatched as a fighter when in the seas. He had an encounter with Bruce in Avengers #3, and knocked The Hulk out in no time at all. And that’s not the only time they’ve fought or the only time that Namor has won, either.



Superman and Hulk have met alot in the comics, like in the Dc/Marvel Crossovers back in the 90’s. The fights did not end up well for Bruce as he was knocked and defeated by Supes. Also if you add in Supe’s Heat Vision, Super-Strength and Speed, we have to assume Clark own’s this one.



Although the Hulk has been able to defeat Spider-Man in most occasions they’ve met, Spider-Man has managed to KO hulk one time in Amazing Spiderman #328 when he was imbued with the Power Cosmic.


Sebastian Shaw had hired Mr. Fixit Hulk to kill Spider-Man, and Hulk challenges Spidey to a duel on Roosevelt Island. Spidey punches the Hulk into orbit as you can see above.



Hulk and Thor have fought most times, and their matches usually ends up in a draw. But in 2001’s Incredible Hulk Annual, Thor uses a sneak-attack lightning bolt to the back of Hulk’s head, knocking the green giant completely out.

4.The Thing.


The thing and the hulk have brawled out several times in the years, with the Thing Coming out on top and most of the matches have ended up in a draw. The only thing that makes Ben better is his confidence rather than anger, and his concern for the lives of nearby civilians which makes it easier for Bruce to defeat him. But there was this time The Thing almost KO’d  Hulk back in Fantastic Four #320, where Doctor Doom forced Hulk in his less strong, more smart for to battle the FF . The Thing was in a spiky, overpowered mode at the time, he almost KO’d Hulk but was cut short by Doom sending in a green Hulk robot for some reason. Even though he hadn’t been KO’d, the Hulk conceded he lost that one.



Sentry is basically Marvel’s version of Superman. In his darkside form -Void – he can easily rip out the hulk’s brain.



With her ability to stop time, move objects, teleport, shoot mystical energy, and create inanimate objects. Also her most powerful ability let’s her alter reality, she can also manipulate reality to cause confusion and trauma. I believe she has a chance on taking down the hulk.



Infinity Gauntlet, Matter manipulation, energy manipulation, super speed, super strength. if it’s a superpower then Thanos has probably had it at some point.Also Capable of surviving the destruction of entire planets and likely even blowing a few up by himself, Thanos has defeated the entirety of The Avengers, Hulk included, in the past. Hulk Would go down hard going against this Badass.

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