New Details on the mother box and their involvement in Justice League revealed

Remember The Dream Sequence in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice displaying not only a ravaged and apocalyptic world run by demons known by the name of Parademons but also Omega Sign edged on the entire field. While many were confused as to why was this sequence suddenly inserted into the plot, Some thought of it to be the arrival of Justice League greatest Foe, Darkseid While Others had no clue at all. The speculation on an outside invasion was further believed to be true when we get an Batman watches the Metahuman thesis and clicks the “Cyborg Symbol” which displays the Mother box that had infused itself with Victor causing him to become half human and half robot. But why show Mother box now?


The Speculations became more and more at the sets of Justice League when they not only gave us a glimpse of Steppenwolf, one of Darkseid’s trusted General holding one of Mother Box in his hands But also the producers had shared among st the fans and news,  A prologue To the Justice League Story-Line

For All those fans Hungry for more news and Are ready to do some research and Homework on The Mother Box, Continue Reading Below


Even though most of the movie is based on “present time period”, The Prologue Dates back to the beginning of Mankind. By now, we have being well versed with two of sections of the society namely the Amazonians and Atlanteans. But who are the old and new gods? Not much is said by the Producers But As far as Comics are concerned. The New Gods were created after the apparent death of Old Gods.  New Gods consisted of Darkseid (Apokolips) , Highfather(New Genesis) etc. The New Gods had Created Mother Boxes as means of transport from their Homeworld to our Earth. Hence it makes sense when we see Steppenwolf holding one of them and also this gives us a clear picture Of Darkseid’s Reason to Invade our Planet.

But The Producers have a different Approach to this story. Old Gods, notably Zeus, and the Amazons determine that the mysterious cosmic relics left behind by these invaders must be divided and entrusted to each faction. Relics that, to DC Comics fans, are best known as ‘Mother Boxes. And Rumors say that this “event” has lead to the union of the three sections.

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