Are you finally Stressed Out And Ready To Ride The Roller-coaster Alongside The Heathens? I Hope so Since Much awaited  Music Video of Heathens By Twenty One Pilots Has Just being released. Wait, Did I forget to mention that its an Original Suicide Squad Soundtrack and it also contains some extra unseen Footage Of Deadshot and Harley Quinn.

The Music Video Takes the singers of Twenty One pilots deep inside the Belle Reve where the ferocious and dangerous criminals as well as the members of Suicide Squad Reside. While they come Face to Face with them, They witness something Unusual with themselves as well, but what is it?

With No further Ado, Here is the Music Video

The band even got their own Suicide Squad poster for the occasion, featuring their logo inside a smiling skull.

Nonetheless, The movie is just a one and half month away as it is scheduled to invade the theaters near you on August 5, 2016 so dont forget to catch  a band of criminals trying to redeem themselves by preventing something far more villainous than them to Arise, Namely the Joker.

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