Justice League is only  31 days into an expected 111 of production, The much awaited Project of Zack Snyder and also his way to redemption. While in the starters Warner Bros had confirmed that Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer At DC comics will be involved in JL Writing Team. But that wasn’t the end to all the scoop-whoop on the movie.

With Character Synopsis and New Character information, not forgetting the very new Batmobile is Also An Uncut clip revealing the first confrontation between Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne.  Nonetheless, while the Clip was playing. Snyder had pointed out numerous aspects where visual effects would play out. This only shows that the Producers are finally listening to the critics and fans and giving them what they deserve


The scene starts out with Erza Miller’s Barry Allen headintg into his apartment.  unlike the TV series version, this is more of an unconventional version.  more warehouse look has being given to it with high ceilings and is powered by a circuit breaker. The moment the switch is flipped dozens of lights and TV screens hanging from the ceiling are turned on And then there is Bruce Wayne sitting calmly in his apartment waiting for him.

To his shock, Bruce breaks the silence by saying “Barry Allen… Bruce Wayne,” to which Barry responds “You say that is if it’s normal to have a complete stranger sitting in my second favorite chair,” to which the critics and fans responded with laughter. Not wasting any time, Bruce shows him the metahuman imprints and the video which we had seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Displaying Barry using his speed in a Departmental store. with his natural comic nature, Barry responds that it might be someone who looks just like him. more like  just an “attractive Jewish boy.”

Obviously his Detective nature kicks in As Bruce quickly throws in A batrang towards Barry. throwing the scene into slow motion with a couple flashes of light and wind accompanying the scene, Probably with the visual effects we would get the feel of Speedforce? Nonetheless, we Now see Barry stepped aside from the point where he could have become the target of that Batrang. Realizing Bruce being the Batman, He catches the Batrang(the Batarang was not added into this part of the scene yet so Miller merely performed the motion of catching it) and looks back at Bruce. Coming back to our Time, Barry retorts “You’re the Batman” to which Bruce replies “And you’re fast”. Did we say that the comedy would stop just in start? Well you were Wrong if you thought so

Coming Back, Bruce Reveals to Barry about him recruiting special people like him And Barry with great enthusiasm gets aboard without any buts. After a pause, he tells Bruce he “needs friends” and asks to keep the Batarang.

Flash is rest assured put into right hands after speculating the Comedic Nature of Erza Miller But The teaser has just made The fans Hungry for More Information, More likely A trailer? Well Stay tuned for more News and Dont forget to Catch Justice League At Theaters near you on November 17, 2017

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