Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1 left us in a shock after we heard about the JSA!

In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, the heroes will face a new threat.

We’ve seen a member of The Justice Society Of America: Hourman. As many fans are excited to see the JSA there will also be a new villain. The villain has not been announced yet and it will be kept a little mystery.

According to Marc Guggenheim, the show will take a different route, with the Thanagarian threat looming in the background.
“Unlike season 1 of Legends, where we basically had the big bad introduced in the crossover, what we’re going to do in season 2 of Legends will be more similar to what you’ve experienced in the first three seasons of Arrow or the first two seasons of Flash, where it’s more of a slow reveal and a little bit of a mystery.”

Recently Nick Zano joined the show as Nate Heywood, otherwise known as Citizen Steel. Along with Steel, Hourman Rex Tyler made his debut in the season one finale. Most likely we will see characters such as Wildcat, Dr Fate, Alan Scott Green Lantern, and others. There has been confirmation of any other character so far.

Legends Of Tomorrow will begin its second season on Thursday, October 13th at 8/7c on The CW.

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