When it was first announced that actress Jena Malone would star in Batman V Superman as an unknown character, fans have been trying to find out who she really plays.

Their have been rumors that she is playing a big character such as Barbara Gordon or Batgirl. Fans are still trying to find out since her character role was cut from the theatrical edition.

However, in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s Ultimate Edition trailer she can be seen in her role. The Ultimate Edition contains an extra 30 Minute footage.

Since the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition has been leaked online, A redditor recently found an unlisted video on the THX-DC Youtube channel called the “Batman V Superman – Ultimate Edition – End Credits.” At About one minute and thirteen seconds, Jena Malone’s name appears, giving credit for her role as Jenet Klyburn. Jena Malone is playing Jenet Klyburn!

She will most likely become a more important character in the future DC films.

Jenet Klyburn, who is a lead scientist for a S.T.A.R. Labs branch in Metropolis, will likely be related to Cyborg and Flash. The S.T.A.R. Labs logo can be seen when Cyborg makes his cameo which could lead her to becoming a more important character in the DCEU.

The Batman V Superman – Ultimate Edition is set to be released on digital HD on June 28th, followed by the blu-ray release on July 19th.

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