What comes to ones mind when someone mentions “Guardians Of Galaxy”? Its not The infinite Gem nor the Evil smirk of Thanos (Maybe?) But its the dancing And Friendly Woody Superhero A.K.A Groot.  What surprised us more was that he was voiced by Vin Diesel. The person who is best known for his intense Action sequences and Rugged Bad-ass one liners. While the only one liner he had in this movie was “my name is Groot”.

In 2014, The sale of Groot toys had far exceeded the expectations of Marvel studios. the famous Funko’s “Dancing Groot” still persists to be the best selling toy and its only plausible for The marvel Studios to Use Groot as their mascot and forefront for campaigning their upcoming movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2“.   Licensing Expo 2016 in Las Vegas which will be held on Monday will be the Hub of all the new products and toys and possibly we’re going to start seeing some official material from the sequel soon.

Dancing Groot

Paul Gitter, senior VP of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products quoted that Guardians Of Galaxy fills a certain void in the marvel franchise. unlike avengers, this movie unites unlikely and uncooperative superheroes together to fight against someone far above their abilities. In addition, This movies has being a perfect fusion of music, humor and not to forget sci-fi.  The response from the retailers and licensees after a recent event where we showcased them the key characters and plot points from the recent movie was much more overwhelming than the previous one. He has also promised us a much broader line of products than previous year which will cater not only the kids but also male and female fans.

Guardians Of Galaxy Vol 2 follows the adventures of the unlikely team of super heroes after their confrontation with Ronan. Nothing much is known about its story-line excerpt for that team will help Quill learn more about his father after discovered that he is just half human and that his father is part of some ancient race.

The movie will hit the theaters near you on May 7, 2017.


  1. […] Greek Stream reports that the Senior Vice President of Licensing for the Marvel label at the Disney sector said that the Guardians of the Galaxy actually fills a hole inside the Marvel Universe. What makes the Guardians of the Galaxy movie very interesting is that it features a bunch of superheroes that initially don’t want to work with each other, work with each other. What’s more is that they will be fighting Thanos, an extremely strong enemy that has powers far beyond the scope of their imagination. Also, the movie is an awesome mix of action, comedy, sci-fi, and a bit of drama. We also can’t forget the really cool music that goes along with it. […]

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