Spider-Man keeps getting better In an interview with EW, The Amazing Spider-Man monthly comics series writer Dan Slott revealed that Marvel will be publishing a 5-issue mini series formerly titled ‘Dead No More’. It’s now been renamed ‘The Clone Conspiracy’ as a follow up to the 90’s Spider-Man arc known as ‘The Clone Saga’. Dan made the following statement in an interview with EW magazine:

“The Jackal has always seemed to be obsessed with cloning Spider Man and Gwen. He’s had a very narrow focus,” writer Dan Slott says. “That’s led to very interesting stories in the past, but you have to stop and think, if you’re The Jackal and you take science to the next level, what’s more important to you than just cloning Gwens and Peters? What does this character want, and what’s he going to do with this awesome science?”

Honestly, Dan Slott sounds like he could turn the awfulness that is the Clons Saga into something worth my 4 dollars, but it’s too early to tell. Check back here for more updates like this and make sure to follow me on Instagram @SuperheroGazette !

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