Here’s our top 5 list on the next X-Men we want to see

After the load of mutants introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse, some longtime X-Men/Marvel fans like myself, are still waiting for a few of our favorite mutants to make their way to the silver screen.

Here are my personal top five:
5) Cable

I think Cable is probably the one every comic fan KNEW would be on the list. He’s the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone and the BFF to our favorite merc with a mouth. It’s already confirmed that we’ll see Nathan Summers A.K.A. Cable in Deadpool 2.

4) Madeline Pryor

Madeline Pryor is the clone of Jean Grey who is best know for losing her child, Cable, in time and becoming a villain to the X-Men because of it.

3) Iceman

Bobby Drake A.K.A. Iceman has already appeared in all 3 original X-Films but it’d be nice to see his younger self working with Cyclops and the rest of the team to battle Mr. Sinister.

2) Polaris

Though the 2nd daughter of Magneto was born a mutant, Lorna Dane couldn’t use her magnetic powers until being genetically altered. Because the X-Film universe refused to acknowledge Scarlet Witch’s existence, it’d be nice for Quicksilver to know he has a mutant sister.

1) Rogue

I know you’re probably thinking “why her again?” And the reason I’ve included her is because she’s been repeatedly cut from X-Men films lately and she’s a vital part of their history. Anna Paquin deserves another chance.

Well that’s my list. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Make sure to follow me on IG @SuperheroGazette and look out for more posts on the Geek Stream!

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