The cast of Dc’s Legends of Tomorrow is expanding

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow left the show with a bang when they not only introduced Hourman, one of the members of Justice Society but also announced the arrivals of the JSA members as well as its respective members in its second seasons. While we await for confirmation of JSA members which will appear in the show, Vixen has been announced to join the Legends Of Tomorrow cast filling in the last empty slot in the team.

The character was introduced in Arrow and was played by Megalyn E.K. she was portrayed as a vigilante who just found her powers of utilizing the spirit of any animal she imagined using the totem she carried along with herself. Unfortunately due to her busy schedule, she will not be available to take on the Vixen persona but rest assured, CW has confirmed that a young vixen will be joining the team who meets them during one of their time travels. Could it be a doppelganger? Taking into consideration the time travelling theme of the show, it will be interesting to see who will be cast as Vixen.

Megalyn E.K. confirmed to voice over the Vixen for the second season of its animated web series.Vixen



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