Justice League trailer? Shazam? Wonder Woman?

San Diego Comic-Con is approaching, and we’re all eager to see what details we’ll be getting for our favorite upcoming comic books, movies, and TV shows. But DC has a lot on their plate this year, with ‘Suicide Squad’ coming out in August, ‘Wonder Woman’ next June, ‘Justice League’ next November, and a handful of TV shows, fans are dying to find out what comes next. Here’s the Top 5 things we want from DC Comics at San Diego Comic-Con.

#5: Shazam actor reveal.
The only news we’ve gotten on the Shazam solo movie is that The Rock will play Black Adam. But what about Shazam himself? Channing Tatum was rumored a couple of days back to have dropped out of Gambit in favor of Shazam. Could we be getting an official announcement at SDCC 2016? We’ll see.

#4: News on the Watchmen TV series.
A couple of months back we found out Zack Snyder was working on a Watchmen TV series with HBO. I’m sure everyone would love to see a glimpse of the highly anticipated series.

#3: Reveal of the two untitled DC movies.
There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding the two untitled DC movies. One is most likely the solo Batman movie. But what could the other be? Another solo Superman movie? The rumored Blue Beetle/Booster Gold movie? The rumored Deathstroke movie? Maybe we’ll find out at SDCC 2016.

#2: Wonder Woman trailer.
This is all but officially confirmed by WB. Wonder Woman is done filming, and we’ve already gotten a short clip. Hopefully we’ll get a trailer at Comic-Con.

#1: Justice League teaser trailer.
This one is probably the most unrealistic, but still possible, we got a Batman V Superman teaser at Comic-Con 2014.

So maybe it’s possible? We’ll just have to see. Sound your thoughts in the comments below.

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